I am loved

What a powerful affirmation of truth!  It’s one I didn’t feel for a long time.  Because of the trauma I’d experienced in my life, I didn’t feel loved, accepted or understood and I felt a lot of pain in my body because of it.  When I really began to question and investigate this “feeling” of not being loved through journaling, meditation and Somatic Experiencing, I began to see these “feelings” weren’t true.

What I realized is, self-love and self-compassion were missing in my life.  I had forgotten and left myself over and over again.  Turning away from myself and my personal pain was the root cause of my suffering.  This is what naturally occurs in trauma.

Journaling, meditation and being here in a nonjudgemental way with the feelings an sensations in my body (Somatic Experiencing), in this MOMENT, became mainstays in my life. These healing modalities kept guiding me into a deeper understanding of the blocks keeping me from experiencing this great gift of Love that felt missing in my life.

Through a lot of personal deep healing work, I now can welcome self-kindness and self-compassion into my life. They are my ever present help in times of stress and overwhelm.  When I allow what is, in a loving and compassionate way, uncontrived love blossoms ever fresh and new.

There are beautiful affirmations placed throughout my home gently reminding me that I Am Loved Right Now Just The Way I Am.  They balance and nourish my whole being.

My message to you today and every day is that you also are loved just as you are.  Perfect and beautiful, right now. When you love yourself, you love the world. It just happens this way.  Take a moment and say from your heart three times… “I AM Loved Right Now Just The Way I Am” and see what happens.  Can you allow love in?  Can you accept yourself right now just the way you are?  It’s not always easy. Especially for those of us who have experienced trauma, grief or overwhelm in any way.

My passion and work in life are to bring people to this love that is already dwelling inside of them.  You are Beautiful. You are Loved. Right Now Just The Way You Are.

If you have experienced trauma, overwhelm or grief and you just can’t seem to get through, you don’t have to be in this alone.

You may need a loving open space and guide to assist you on your path back home to yourself.  Please see the healing services I offer and reach out to see if I can help you to discover the beauty that already dwells within you.



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