I Am Loved Right Now Just The Way I Am

What a powerful affirmation of truth!  It is one I did not feel for a long time.  I simply did not feel loved and felt a lot of pain in my heart because of it.  One day I really began to question this “feeling” of not being loved and with pen and paper wrote down everyone who I knew loved me deeply.  I wanted proof this feeling was not true.  There were 7 people on my love list.  Potentially I could have written down more names, but for now 7 people loving me right now was enough to know this feeling needed to be deeply investigated.

It was then I realized it was Self Love that was missing in my life.  I had forgotten My Self.  I could see turning away from My Self was the root of the pain.  Journaling, meditation and being here with My Self in this MOMENT became mainstays in my life. They kept guiding me into deeper understandings of the blocks keeping me from experiencing this great gift of Love.  Daily,  I welcome kindness for My Self no matter what is present and love blossoms ever fresh and new.  There are beautiful affirmations placed throughout my home gently reminding me that I Am Loved Right Now Just The Way I Am.  And So Are You… Perfect, Right Now. When we love Our Self we love the world.  Take a moment and whisper this to Your Self 3 times… “I AM Loved Right Now Just The Way I Am” and see what happens.  Fill your Heart up with Love.  Accept Your Self right now just the way you are.  You are Beautiful. You are Loved. Right Now Just The Way You Are.



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  • Reply SCOTT CLARKSON October 11, 2015 at 11:56 am

    I am beautiful! I don’t tell myself that enough…thanks for the reminder.
    Kind words from a kind Being. Put another person on that list that loves you…me 🙂
    With much love and gratitude,

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