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What Kind of World Do I Want to Live In

A few weeks ago I came across this question and it caused me to take a pause into how I was living my life.  I decided to take this question to my journal and what I discovered was more than anything I wanted to live in a kinder, gentler world. More than the one I am currently experiencing.  Not just from my outer world, but also from my inner world. I’d like to live a more intentional life where love and joy are the foundation of my daily activities, no matter what they were.  I want to move and thrive in this space. Not in a Pollyanna hopeful kinda way, but in an intentional and imperfect way. This world would require more awareness into my daily habits and patterns that are on automatic. A kinder world would begin with my desire to live from my deepest convictions and it begins again and again with my own personal inner journey.

If this is the world I want to live in, then I had to ask myself two questions: “What am I willing to do to create it, and how committed would I actually be?”

I am wondering what kind of world you want to live in?  What is it you really want to create for your world? What you do want your inner and outer world to reflect?

Write it down. Writing down your answer is a powerful experience. Take a moment and read your answer and see what you notice. What are the feelings that arise inside of you?  Now, in a kind and compassionate way, ask yourself how committed would you be to create and live in this world. It only takes one little tiny step.

When you move from a space of self-love and self-kindness, you will live the beautiful life you want to experience. Self-love and self-kindness are the foundation stones. I know this from my healing journey and from assisting others in theirs. Over and over again, when you are kind and compassionate with yourself, you will see all things are possible. In self-kindness, your truth is revealed, your intentions are remembered, and you live from joy. Uncontrived, a sense of gratitude arises from within. Even when you don’t know what the future holds. You see it’s okay to be perfectly imperfect and this is a beautiful thing.

When you forget about self-love and self-compassion you can easily abandon yourself. Especially when you’re triggered. In times of stress or overwhelm you experience uncomfortable feelings and get lost in them. You disassociate from yourself and from the moment.  When this happens you know it’s a deeply painful experience.

Taking an inner journey allowing self-love and self-compassion to be your guides is the only possible way to change your world in a permanent and positive way.  Are you willing to be courageous and look at the parts of you that feel stuck or are feeling pain? They need your love and kindness. We all have these parts, so you are not alone.

What would life look and feel like if you could live from a place of self-compassion and joy while living in the world you want to live in?  Again, write down your answer and take the time to feel what it feels like in your body as you write your response.

Do you want to share this living question and answer with others?

Please consider taking a 5-week journey with myself and 7 other beautiful souls experiencing a meditation and journaling workshop to begin to live in the world you want to create. You will be held in a sacred space as you begin to uncover your deepest longings, meet the lost parts of yourself and share your dreams with others in an open and caring environment.

If you are feeling curious or vulnerable right now, I believe this workshop is perfect for you.

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My Journey

The idea of The Beautiful World Within came during a very difficult time of my life. While journaling one morning I was being shown I was a beautiful human being regardless of how I was feeling about myself. I was asked to take into consideration the beauty already dwelling inside of me. To take a journey of self-discovery and allow the Universe to break my heart open. It is here I began to experience self-love, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness. Inspiring teachers and wonderful opportunities came across my path to assist me. I discovered Hatha and Raja Yoga, Yoga Nidra (meditation), journaling, and Somatic Experiencing Trauma work. All of which I still practice and hold certifications in today.  (You can read my Bio here) They are guides I now use to help others heal and see through the illusions of the mind.

I also love being around crystals. Their beauty and energy have supported my path. The first crystal I worked with was a Rose Quartz. It was an extraordinary experience that allowed me to see their restorative abilities. I love being around them and felt the desire to create beautiful, inspiring and purposeful jewelry to share with everyone.

The Beautiful World Within was created to share my journey and to offer to others what was offered to me. You can view my services or contact me to let me know how I can assist you in opening your heart to experience the beauty that dwells within you. You can also subscribe here to receive my inspiring blogs, learn about my healing offerings and be the first to learn about uplifting events.



About Me

Journaling is a beautiful tool I use to understand myself better. Teaching Yoga, especially Hatha, Raja and Nidra brings a lot of joy in my life. I will try just about anything to undo all of the layers of beliefs and perceptions that have caused so much pain and suffering in my life. Just returned home from a module on a three year certification at the SE Trauma Institute. I use this powerful somatic work by Peter Levine to help myself and others live happier more fulfilling lives. I love riding my bike...spending time with Bella my teacup Yorkie, and Princeton Blue and Chandler Bing, my 2 rescue Siamese cats. I am currently listening to A course in Miracles: Manual for Teachers on Audible Books for the 3rd time... Nicole, Christopher and Alex are my 3 children I love so much. Chelsea, Haleigh, and Gabby are my 3 granddaughters that bring a lot of joy into this world...