Gentle and Transformative

Somatic Experiencing

The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive vibrational energy-based system of healing.

Yoga Nidra

Let your mind and body deeply relax to allow healing with Yoga Nidra.


Apply your self in each pose to cultivate strength, flexibility, concentration, and self-love.


Through journal therapy you can learn to calm and clear your mind. Self-care journaling has the power to transform you.


Your ½ day – multi-day immersion is a one-on-one personalized transformative experience designed to support you on your healing journey.

Victoria Downing, Tampa, Florida

About Victoria

Victoria is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and Journal to the Self Facilitator based in South Tampa, Florida. She holds certifications in four somatic-based yoga styles consisting of Hatha, Raja, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation), and Yoga Therapy. She combines these gentle and transformative healing processes to private groups and in private sessions, using an open, encouraging and intuitive style. She also offers private concierge services (immersion weekends) to interested clients.

With these mindful, embodied skills and through gentle inquiry, Victoria meets you where you are holding sacred and empathetic space. She encourages you to explore your inner world, bringing awareness to your deepest and most uncomfortable feelings to release and transform pain, fears, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm – also known as trauma. The answers you seek are available by accessing your inner knowing, your own innate wisdom.

You may feel broken, but you are not broken. No matter what is happening in your life, it is going to be okay. With gentle contact to this present moment and a compassionate embracing of yourself, Victoria offers guidance, helping you to remember and experience your wholeness, the feeling of coming home to yourself.

In addition to local areas of Tampa, clients from Wesley Chapel, Westchase, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Brandon also visit with Victoria to enrich their life journey and immerse themselves in healing therapies.


What clients are saying

Victoria gave me the yoga sessions I needed. I could feel that my body was craving deep releases. She guided me to achieve the correct yoga poses and breathing rhythm’s my body needed while encouraging me to move deeper into the poses and sensations. Victoria’s offered yoga to me in a way that assisted my body in releasing tensions, stress and overwhelm. My body and soul were nurtured, and I now feel better in making healthier decisions for a more balanced lifestyle. Christa R

Victoria’s led me through several Somatic Experiencing sessions. She is very skilled in the way she helped me notice how certain thoughts, emotions and past traumas have lodged themselves in different parts of my body. Her gentle and compassionate style in the SE sessions made an opening for a personal inquiry into my own “stuck-ness.”  With her guidance I was able to touch into the body sensations (residue!), that I was once afraid to be with. Each session was a true healing experience. I am so thankful for the creative ways she made me feel comfortable and safe.-TG

Victoria’s bracelets are amazing! I absolutely love how the stones are hand selected for their ability to heal and to give off positive energy! They are beautiful, artistic and I always get compliments on them. They each come in a beautiful unique package with cards explaining what each stone meaning and benefits. I am so in love with my bracelets, they are by far my favorite to date! Jessica C

I am a part of a sacred circle women’s group with Victoria. She recently led our group with a profoundly peaceful and nurturing Yoga Nidra, and a discussion on self-love. She then offered journaling prompts that were intended for deeper self-inquiry.  As a certified yoga teacher I can say it was the most relaxing Yoga Nidra I have ever experienced. Everyone else said they felt the same way. Some of the comments from the women in our circle were: “I felt as if I just had 8 hours of sleep”, “I feel so refreshed”, “I feel like I went somewhere else”.  Her journaling prompts were beautifully given, and I felt my heart expand and energize with her leadership and loving presence.  She then sent us home with a promise to connect with us every day via text to give us a daily self-love action to give to ourselves. She began the prompts with something personal from her own life and encouraged each of us as we shared. I left that week feeling closer to the women in our circle, closer to Victoria and closer to myself.  Victoria, my love, you are the real deal. Thank you, thank you.  Tamara DeConti

Beautiful, elegant, incredibly strong…that is the beautiful world within.  These gorgeous crystal/gemstone bracelets evoke this energy within while drawing even more of it from the universe.  The bracelets are lovely worn alone, but I wear all of my bracelets every day and get complements wherever I go.  Victoria brilliantly combines crystal and gemstone elements to maximum effect in each piece.  But if you have a crystal or stone that has special meaning, she will work with you on your own one-of-a-kind creation.  Each piece comes with detailed description and meaning of each crystal or gemstone as well as instructions on how to cleanse your jewelry and work with it to increase its energy.  If you are considering purchasing one of her bracelets, do not hesitate, you will be so glad you did – I know I am! Susan Johnson-Velez

Victoria is a beautiful soul and her life experience and passion brings so much to her journaling instruction” Candace Escobedo…former student, life-long friend


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