Hello Love,

I wrote this blog thinking about you wondering if you

See Yourself as Someone You Love

It’s a deeply reflective question you may not have ever considered. I’d love for you to take a moment, go inside and ask yourself… “What would it be like in body, heart and mind if I saw myself as someone I loved?”

Your heart longs for love most of all from you. Where ever you go, there your heart is. This is why your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have.

Your world will change in so many beautiful ways the moment you begin to cultivate seeing yourself as someone you love.

Spontaneously you will:

  • be kinder and gentler to yourself
  • feel safe in your body and begin to trust Life
  • notice joy and gratitude showing up within you uncontrived
  • feel happier and complain far less
  • treat your body with love and respect
  • do more of the things you love
  • be honest with yourself and others, even when it is difficult
  • allow yourself to become more venerable and less defensive
  • feel calmer in stressful situations
  • seek support when you need it
  • see your needs as important
  • experience people being kinder more loving to you
  • experience yourself being kinder to people
  • quit believing the self-critical voices in your head
  • let go of addictive behaviors
  • no longer allow others to treat you unkindly


This inner journey back to your heart begins by paying attention to where your attention is. How often do you find yourself worrying and stressing over the past and future? This brings on anxiety and fear then rob you of your inner joy.  Practice bringing your attention in this present moment, where healing and happiness reside.

I invite you to take some time to journal what life would look and feel like if you saw yourself as someone you loved. Reflect on your writing. What did you notice?  Was there one thing you could do to experience seeing yourself as someone you love?  Do this one thing for 30 days and see what happens. Be brave and share your answers with someone you love.  Your sharing may inspire them into their own inner journey.

My second invitation is to write a letter to yourself and say everything you always wished someone would have said to you and never did. Say everything. Leave nothing out. Read this letter to yourself 1-2 times a week. Give yourself the love you’ve always wanted.

Another very simple self-loving kind thing to do is to light a small votive candle every morning before you begin your day. Let this ritual be an intention/reminder to honor your life and to see yourself as someone you love. Feel what it feels like in your heart as you set this intention.

Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Journaling and Somatic Experiencing are life enriching ways to come home to yourself.  These heart centered modalities have opened the deepest places of my heart and the hearts of many others. They are simple yet powerful embodied experiences that can slowly change the way you see and treat yourself.

My life’s work is to help people heal from past traumas, grief, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and life transitions. Though these experiences a part of life and happen to all of us, they cause incredible distress to the nervous system if not tended to. If you’d like guidance in healing, touching and knowing the deepest parts of yourself, please reach out for a complimentary 20-minute session. You will discover how you can feel your best by simply learning how to gently meet yourself over and over again.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Ps. What would it be like in body, heart and mind is a question from the book, The Way of Grace by Miranda Macpherson. This book takes you on a deep inquiry into your inner world. I highly recommend it.

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