3-Month Immersion on Cultivating Self-kindness

Deep within your heart is a resource of love so immense waiting for you to experience it. This love, well, it’s your TRUE NATURE. And the thing is, your attention has traveled so far away from it, you’ve forgotten it’s even there.



Dear Friend,

Join me for an inner healing journey to explore the importance of embracing and integrating self-kindness into your everyday life. This gentle exploration is essential for anyone on a path of embodied healing and spiritual transformation.

Our time together will consist of Somatic Experiencing, Hatha & Raja Yoga, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation), and Journaling for Self Discovery.

The reality is,  you can’t fully heal and transform your life without a continued embodied experience of self-kindness.  When you have a molecule of willingness to meet, love, and accept  the parts and emotions of yourself you’ve buried and hidden away for decades your inner world begins to change. 

The path of embracing your whole self is path of love and unfolding light, which liberates core life energy held in the body from past traumas. It heals your body and nervous system, opens your heart, and helps you feel more intimate, connected, and alive with yourself, others and the world.



Allowing the nervous system to feel calm and nurtured during times of stress, anxiety and overwhelm


Somatic Experiencing® is a gentle approach to accessing and releasing deeply held emotions in the body due to trauma, anxiety, overwhelm and many other stress disorders. When your nervous system is stuck in constant upset or fear (fight, flight and freeze), it keeps you from experiencing the love that dwells inside your heart.  It’s difficult to trust one’s Self or Life when the nervous system is dis-regulated. Each time we meet in immersion, you’ll learn Somatic Experiencing techniques to help to cultivate self-kindness so your nervous system feels nurtured and supported so you can begin to feel safe and experience love again. 


Cultivating self-kindness on the mat creates a healing space to befriend your body and your inner world

My Yoga Journey

My journey with yoga started about 15 years ago. I fell in love with the practice because of a deeply spiritual teacher teaching Hot Yoga in Clearwater Florida. It was at this studio I begin to practiced almost daily.  A few years later, Life led me to an Ashram in the Ocala National Forest called Amrit Yoga Institute. I can still remember the exact moment I stepped on the mat and performed the first asana.  It was the kindest, most embodied form of yoga I’d ever practiced.  I somehow knew I’d be sharing this form of yoga with others, not simply a way of exercise, but as a way of healing and integrating the body, mind and spirit. 


Hatha and Raja Yoga

You’ll feel nurtured as you progressively restore balance, confidence, and well-being with each pose

During the 3-month Immersion, you’ll be practicing Hatha and Raja Yoga in the Amrit tradition on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7:30-8:30 am. Hatha, the first half of the pose, the asana itself. Each pose is performed with intentional action, attention to alignment and meditative awareness. The asanas are practiced deliberately, not aggressively or forcefully.  Raja, the second half of the pose is where you’ll consciously transition from extended holding of the pose into a surrender, an inner letting go. With meditative awareness, you learn how to allow the mind to dissolve in the flood of released energy. This creates space for healing, inner connection and integration. Without it, no matter how well the postures have been performed, the yoga practice remains incomplete. 


An opportunity to experience the fullness of life in each pose

While immersed in the first half of the pose, you’re engaging the sympathetic nervous system and during the second half of the pose, you’re engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. By continually experiencing both throughout the Yoga practice,  you’re in constant motion of the healing wisdom of your body. Energy flows fully and freely. The body naturally opens, and the mind effortlessly and automatically begins to slow down.

Throughout the 3-month immersion, you’ll also learn how the poses on our mat are very much like how we react and respond to life. You’ll discover the importance of press points, energetic extensions and why moving to your edge during your yoga practice is important.

We’ll meet via zoom for Yoga on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 7:00-8:00am


Wake up beyond the thinking mind to connect with your inner wisdom


Yoga Nidra is sleep-based (sleep with a seed of awareness) guided mediation where you experience a series of body, breath and awareness techniques that calms the nervous system to restore the body and mind into balance…moving you towards the domain of trust, faith and love by connecting to your Inner Wisdom. In this state of Oneness, it’s possible to access healing on a physical, mental and emotional level to experience wholeness meeting you’re most peaceful Self.

We’ll meet via zoom for Yoga Nidra on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesday’s at 8:30pm.

Journaling for Self-Discovery

Faith in yourself and in Life is strengthened every time you’re willing to open your heart and meet yourself on the paper

For centuries people have journaled because of the extraordinary benefits it has on the body, mind and spirit. No matter what your age or life path, journaling is a gateway for healing and allowing positive change in your life.
As you consciously put pen or pencil to paper, you’re tapping into resources deep inside you. Within these inner resources, you’ll discover answers to your most difficult questions, clearly process what’s been troubling you, and gently heal your deepest wounds.
You can trust your journal to be your best friend, your true confidant. It will always love and accept everything about you without any judgement. Your faith in yourself and in life is strengthened every time you’re willing to open your heart and meet yourself on the paper.
Take lots of little moments with your journal to receive guidance from within. Be brave, give yourself what you need to create a beautiful life. You are worthy of your own attention.

We’ll meet via zoom for our journaling practice on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Friday’s at 5:30-7:00pm. This will be an interactive experience.

Meet your Guide

Victoria is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), a Journal to the Self Facilitator and holds certifications in four somatic-based Yoga styles consisting of Hatha, Raja, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation), and Yoga Therapy. She offers these gentle and transformative healing processes to private groups and in private sessions, using an open, encouraging and intuitive style. She also offers private 1/2 day-2 day immersions with clients who desire longer periods of time to explore their inner world. With these mindful, embodied skills and through gentle inquiry, Victoria meets you where you are holding sacred and empathetic space. She encourages you to explore your inner world, bringing awareness to your deepest and most uncomfortable feelings to release and transform pain, fears, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm – also known as trauma. The answers you seek are available by accessing your inner knowing, your own innate wisdom.

You may feel broken, but you’re not. No matter what is happening in your life, it’s going to be okay. With gentle contact to this present moment and a compassionate embracing of yourself, Victoria offers guidance, helping you to remember and experience your wholeness. The feeling of coming home to yourself.

When you join the program, here’s some of what you will experience:

A opportunity to connect with like hearted people and develop new friendships  

A deeper understanding of why Self-Kindness is the single most important thing you can do to change your life 

Ways to learn to trust and connect with your body through Hatha and Raja Yoga (Amrit Method)

The ability to connect with your Inner Wisdom through Yoga Nidra

Guidance from within as you nurture a Journaling practice

Understanding of why creating and reading a daily intention can reset your heart to joy

Insights and wisdom on how to forgive completely and release judgements from yourself, others and the world and why this is an essential part of a happy and fulfilled life

Appreciation of how and why meeting difficult emotions you’ve been ignoring for many years maybe even decades, is an act of self-love and leads to feelings of profound self-empowerment 

Knowledge on how to unhook and dismantle from belief systems that hold you back from freedom and the life you really want to live

The ability to shift from the thinking mind to the Being you are, and why this leads to more fulfillment in your life.

6-One Hour yoga classes each month
3-One Hour Yoga Nidra sessions each month
3-90 Minute Live interactive journaling sessions each month

1-90 Minute reflective zoom session to ask questions, experience a somatic experiencing process, and share insights you’ve discovered along the way. You’ll also have email assess throughout the immersion and receive weekly inspiring reflective emails.

With a daily practice of self-love you can experience the happiness and healing you deserve.  Carve out time in your life to allow your heart to open and discover your true nature, which is Love. It only takes a molecule of willingness to want to experience more joy in your life. With a daily practice of self-kindness, you’ll begin to restore your life. Recognize inner confidence, regain trust in yourself again and become your own best friend. Life will feel safer, and you’ll recover your freedom from the past and from the pain caused by the mistaken beliefs formed from it.

Program begins: Monday September 12 at 7:30 am for Yoga

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