Yoga is an opportunity to take an inner journey with yourself on the mat. It allows you to take time and compassionately show up for yourself just as you are. I

Self-kindness is cultivated as you move your body into positions that seem foreign and uncomfortable. You notice it’s safe to move out of your comfort zone to move through the stuck parts of yourself into the unknown to discover what’s on the other side.

No reason to judge or push yourself. You let go of the habit of comparing yourself with others and believing you’re not good enough. You say yes to yourself in every pose as you learn the art of self-love. Confidence arises within you to take these new-found skills into your relationships, your work, and the world. You’ll feel like yourself again. Free and whole to be who you really are.



Hatha and Raja Yoga offer the ability to move your body in a non-aggressive and non-competitive way. During a session, you compassionately apply yourself in each pose to cultivate strength, flexibility, concentration and self-awareness. After each pose, you’re asked to focus inwardly, consciously absorbing its restorative effects. Hatha and Raja Yoga are known to positively address the stress, overwhelm, addictions, trauma, and diseases you may be experiencing in your life, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Give yourself the gift of Yoga. The invitation is to meet yourself, your body and mind on the mat with kindness, exactly as they are. You’ll feel safe, secure and nurtured as you progressively restore balance, confidence, and well-being with each pose.


Yoga Therapy is also known as Restorative Yoga. During your 75-minutes session you’ll experience a sequence of gentle hatha mind/body postures, and Yoga Nidra. These postures are held for longer periods of time to bring you into a deep state of relaxation to release stress, unresolved emotions, anxiety and tensions from the body and mind. Your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being will feel nurtured and balanced from just one session.