Set an intention to create inner and outer strength with self-love and self-acceptance as I guide you through two disciplines of non-aggressive and non-competitive Yoga.  Dynamic Hatha Yoga and meditative Raja Yoga.  During a session, you deliberately and compassionately apply your self in each pose to cultivate strength, flexibility, concentration, and self-love. After each pose, I  guided you to focus inwardly, consciously absorb its restorative effects, and experience the melding of mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has the ability to positively address stress, overwhelm, addictions, trauma, and diseases; especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Give yourself the gift of Yoga meeting your body with loving kindness where it is in the moment.  You will feel safe, secure and nurtured as you progressively restore balance, strength, and well-being with each pose.

I offer private, group and corporate sessions. You may also inquire about a personal transformative 2 1/2 day immersion where you will experience all of the healing modalities I offer. This immersion is designed for your needs and is held in an inviting space that will allow you to open your heart and experience the beautiful world that resides inside of you.

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