Sending a hug


I woke up thinking about you and thought…. It’s a new year, a new day, new moment and why not let go of what is going and let come that which is to come…..  then you popped into my head.

Sending a hug.

This is an email I received today from a beautiful friend.  It was just the love and support I needed  to write my first blog.  Thank you…
Dear Universe,
 I am willing to open myself fully to give and to receive love today and everyday.
 I am  willing to let go of what is going in my life.
 I am willing to live my deepest desire to be a carrier and messenger of grace in this world.
 I am willing write beautiful words of encouragement to myself and to others.
 I am willing to pursue my dreams.
 I am willing to be kind to myself.
 I am willing to notice how I am being supported by Life.
 I am willing to be grateful for everything.
 I am willing to laugh more and more…
 I am willing take the most important journey inward to loving all of myself and loving what is.  Not pretending to love something I don’t, but loving myself for not liking whatever might be showing up any given moment.
 I am willing to feel completely what is here to be felt, and I am willing to take time each day to nourish myself and do something I love to do.
I am willing to love all of my body and what it does for me.
I am willing to give up having to be right, proving someone else wrong, having to have the last word and having to be understood.   And most importantly,
I am willing to love  myself over and over again when I fail.  This is the gift I give to Myself and to Humanity.
Much Love,
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