I am a part of a sacred circle women’s group with Victoria. She recently led our group with a profoundly peaceful and nurturing Yoga Nidra, and a discussion on self-love. She then offered journaling prompts that were intended for deeper self-inquiry.  As a certified yoga teacher I can say it was the most relaxing Yoga Nidra I have ever experienced. Everyone else said they felt the same way. Some of the comments from the women in our circle were: “I felt as if I just had 8 hours of sleep”, “I feel so refreshed”, “I feel like I went somewhere else”.  Her journaling prompts were beautifully given, and I felt my heart expand and energize with her leadership and loving presence.  She then sent us home with a promise to connect with us every day via text to give us a daily self-love action to give to ourselves. She began the prompts with something personal from her own life and encouraged each of us as we shared. I left that week feeling closer to the women in our circle, closer to Victoria and closer to myself.  Victoria, my love, you are the real deal. Thank you, thank you.  Tamara DeConti

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