Working with crystals

Created by the natural energies of our planet, crystals are powerful tools for holistic healing. From writings in ancient texts on traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic texts from India, and references in the Christian Bible, we know that many cultures understood the magical properties of crystals.
Many people feel drawn to work with crystal/gemstone jewelry to assist them in manifesting what they want to bring into their life. We are intuitively drawn to crystals and gemstones because they naturally emanate a high vibration and frequency. They come from our Beloved Mother Earth and they truly want us to live from our highest truth and manifest our desires.


Each crystal and gemstone carries a specific energy and meaning. When setting your intention, it is best to use crystals and gemstones that are best suited for what it is you want to bring into your life.
Your stones have been cleansed and cleared with tingsha bells or sage, and are pre-programmed to offer love and light for the good of all. If you would like to program your crystal/gemstone jewelry for a specific purpose, you can use the following suggestions:
*When you are ready, hold your jewelry in the palm of your hands.
*Relax, take a few deep centering breaths, allowing the highest white light to enter into your crown chakra.
*Notice that the floor and earth are supporting you and anchor your awareness to this moment.
*Ask for guidance, protection and assistance from a Divine Power during this process. Allow this assistance to flow into your inner being. This will connect you to your highest vibration.
*Take a moment and bring your awareness to your heart, to this earth and to what brings you happiness.
*Connect with your crystals as if they were here to help you (it has been said, believed and experienced many times, for many centuries and by many people that crystals and gemstones are intelligent life and know what you need).
*Direct your energy and set your intentions for your stones to be used for a specific purpose.
*If you have a piece of Amethyst jewelry, you might say something like this (aloud or silently as you allow your intention to be transferred from your heart into the crystals): “Please protect my energies, bring calm and balance into my life and please do anything else that is for my highest good.” This way you are healing emotional wounds not limiting what the stones can do for you. Hold your intention into the crystal until it feels complete. Give thanks, and simply let go and allow the Universal energies to act.

This information is not to be used in matters of health or as a substitute for consulting a physician


Just like you and I feel better when we have experienced an energetic cleansing, your stones will
feel it too. Here are a few simple ways crystal and gemstone lovers energetically clear/cleanse their stones monthly or as often as they intuitively feel they are ready for a cleanse.

*MOONLIGHT: Set them in the moonlight for a few hours. It feels energizing for us to gaze
at the moon, and the crystals feel it too.
*SMUDGING: While clearing and cleansing your stones with the smudge from Sage, you
and your home will notice the energetic cleansing effects as well.
NATURE: Set your crystals on or near a plant in your home or anywhere in nature.
We all know how wonderful it feels to be in nature, and our stones also benefit.
*SOUND: I love the beautiful sounds of tingsha bells, Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls.
The sounds are soothing, healing and cleansing for our body, mind and spirit. These sounds
will work to clear and cleanse your crystal/gemstone jewelry as well.

This information is not to be used in matters of health or as a substitute for consulting a physician